Terms Used In Florida Statutes 483.801

  • Clinical laboratory: means the physical location in which one or more of the following services are performed to provide information or materials for use in the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease or the identification or assessment of a medical or physical condition:
    (a) Clinical laboratory services, which entail the examination of fluids or other materials taken from the human body. See Florida Statutes 483.803
  • Clinical laboratory personnel: includes a clinical laboratory director, supervisor, technologist, blood gas analyst, or technician who performs or is responsible for laboratory test procedures, but the term does not include trainees, persons who perform screening for blood banks or plasmapheresis centers, phlebotomists, or persons employed by a clinical laboratory to perform manual pretesting duties or clerical, personnel, or other administrative responsibilities. See Florida Statutes 483.803
This part applies to all clinical laboratories and clinical laboratory personnel within this state, except:

(1) Clinical laboratories operated by the United States Government.
(2) Laboratories operated and maintained exclusively for research and teaching purposes, involving no patient or public health service whatsoever.
(3) Persons engaged in testing performed by laboratories that are wholly owned and operated by one or more practitioners licensed under chapter 458, chapter 459, chapter 460, chapter 461, chapter 462, chapter 463, or chapter 466 who practice in the same group practice, and in which no clinical laboratory work is performed for patients referred by any health care provider who is not a member of that group practice.
(4) Respiratory therapists and respiratory care practitioners certified or registered under part V of chapter 468.
(5) Advanced practice registered nurses licensed under part I of chapter 464 who perform provider-performed microscopy procedures (PPMP) in a laboratory setting pursuant to subsection (3).
(6) Persons performing laboratory testing within a physician office practice for patients referred by a health care provider who is a member of the same physician office practice, if the laboratory or entity operating the laboratory within a physician office practice is under common ownership, directly or indirectly, with an entity licensed pursuant to chapter 395.