Terms Used In Florida Statutes 489.529

  • monitoring: means to receive electrical or electronic signals originating from any structure within the state or outside the state, regardless of whether those signals are relayed through a jurisdiction outside the state, where such signals are produced by any security, medical, fire, or burglar alarm, closed-circuit television camera, access-control system, or related or similar protective system and are intended by design to initiate a response thereto. See Florida Statutes 489.505
All residential or commercial intrusion/burglary alarms that have central monitoring must have a central monitoring verification call made to the premises generating the alarm signal, prior to alarm monitor personnel contacting a law enforcement agency for alarm dispatch. The central monitoring station must employ call-verification methods for the premises generating the alarm signal if the first call is not answered. However, if the intrusion/burglary alarms have properly operating visual or auditory sensors that enable the monitoring personnel to verify the alarm signal, verification calling is not required.