(1) The department shall charge the following fees:

(a) For an applicant for a certificate of competency, the initial application fee shall be $50, and the annual renewal fee shall be $30. The fee for examination shall be $50.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 554.111

  • boiler: includes fired units for heating or vaporizing liquids other than water where these units are separate from processing systems and are complete within themselves. See Florida Statutes 626.9511
  • Certificate inspection: means an inspection whose report is used by the chief boiler inspector to determine whether or not a certificate of operation may be issued. See Florida Statutes 626.9511
  • Certificate of competency: means a document issued to a person who has satisfied the minimum competency requirements for boiler inspectors under this chapter. See Florida Statutes 626.9511
  • Certificate of operation: means a document issued to the owner of a boiler which authorizes the owner to operate the boiler, subject to any restrictions endorsed thereon. See Florida Statutes 626.9511
  • Department: means the Department of Financial Services. See Florida Statutes 626.9511
(b) For certificate inspections conducted by the department:

1. For power boilers and high pressure, high temperature water boilers of:

4,000 square feet or less heating surface……….$60

More than 4,000 square feet heating surface and less than 10,000 square feet of heating surface……….$70

10,000 square feet or more heating surface……….$90

2. For heating boilers:

Without a manhole……….$40

With a manhole……….$70

3. For hot water supply boilers……….$40
(c) For issuance of a certificate of operation without a department inspection……….$30
(d) Duplicate certificates or address
(e) An application for a boiler permit must include the applicable certificate inspection fee provided in paragraph (b).
(2) Not more than an amount equal to one certificate inspection fee may be charged or collected for any and all boiler inspections in any inspection period, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.

(a) When it is necessary to make a special trip to observe the application of a hydrostatic test, an additional fee equal to the fee for a certificate inspection of the boiler must be charged.
(b) All other inspections, including shop inspections, surveys, and inspections of secondhand boilers made by the chief boiler inspector or a deputy boiler inspector, must be charged at the rate of not less than $270 for one-half day of 4 hours, and $500 for 1 full day of 8 hours, plus travel, hotel, and incidental expenses in accordance with chapter 112.
(3) The chief boiler inspector shall deposit all fees or fines received pursuant to this chapter into the Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund.