Terms Used In Florida Statutes 723.074

  • Lease: A contract transferring the use of property or occupancy of land, space, structures, or equipment in consideration of a payment (e.g., rent). Source: OCC
  • Mobile home: means a residential structure, transportable in one or more sections, which is 8 body feet or more in width, over 35 body feet in length with the hitch, built on an integral chassis, designed to be used as a dwelling when connected to the required utilities, and not originally sold as a recreational vehicle, and includes the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems contained therein. See Florida Statutes 718.507
  • Mobile home subdivision: means a subdivision of mobile homes where individual lots are owned by owners and where a portion of the subdivision or the amenities exclusively serving the subdivision are retained by the subdivision developer. See Florida Statutes 718.507
  • park: means a use of land in which lots or spaces are offered for rent or lease for the placement of mobile homes and in which the primary use of the park is residential. See Florida Statutes 718.507
The owner of recreational facilities or other property exclusively serving a mobile home subdivision shall not sell such recreational facilities or other property unless she or he first gives the right to purchase such recreational facilities or other property to the owners of lots within the mobile home subdivision, in the manner provided for in s. 723.071, provided the owners of lots within the subdivision have created a homeowners’ association similar to that required by s. 723.075. A mobile home subdivision in which no more than 30 percent of the total lots are leased will not be deemed to be a mobile home park, provided the mobile home owner is granted an option to purchase the lot when the lease is entered into and provided the purchase price of the lot is included in the original lease agreement.