653-16  Same; priority of payments.  The order of precedence established by section 653-15 shall not be disturbed by the fact of a later action being carried to final judgment sooner than the earlier in point of such service upon the garnishee, but in such case the garnishee shall pay or cause to be paid on account of the earlier judgment only such sums as are payable upon the judgment from the amounts which shall thereafter become due and payable to the beneficiary.  All amounts sequestered on account of the earlier action shall be held to await the result thereof, when, if final judgment passes against the beneficiary, the amount sequestered and held shall be applied in payment of the judgment.  In case such amounts do not suffice to satisfy the judgment, then all judgments obtained in later actions shall be again postponed to that in the earlier action, until it is satisfied.

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes 653-16

  • Beneficiary: A person who is entitled to receive the benefits or proceeds of a will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, annuity, or other contract. Source: OCC