Every producer shall pay an assessment for deposit in the seed indemnity fund according to the provisions of this chapter and rules promulgated by the department. A delivery of seed crop between producers, none of whom are seed buyers, is exempt from the collection and payment of assessments. Assessments shall be collected on the gross dollar amount, without any deduction, owed to, or paid, or to be paid, on behalf of the producer of the seed crop.
(1)  The initial rate of the assessment shall be five-tenths of one percent (.5%). Changes in the rate will be established by criteria in the rules of the department. However, the producer’s annual assessment shall not exceed five-tenths of one percent (.5%).

Terms Used In Idaho Code 22-5121

  • Department: means the Idaho state department of agriculture. See Idaho Code 22-5102
  • Month: means a calendar month, unless otherwise expressed. See Idaho Code 73-114
  • Producer: means the owner, tenant or operator of land in this state who has an interest in the proceeds from the sale of seed crops grown on that same land. See Idaho Code 22-5102
  • Seed crops: means any seed crop regulated by chapter 4, title 22, Idaho Code. See Idaho Code 22-5102
  • Stored for withdrawal: means the deposit of seed crop with a seed facility by the producer for the subsequent withdrawal by that producer of the same seed crop or similar seed crop, as agreed to by the parties. See Idaho Code 22-5102
(2)  If seed crop is stored for withdrawal, the assessment shall not exceed one-half cent (1/2¢) per pound, based on clean weight or, if not available, estimated clean weight, per twelve (12) month period, payable at time of withdrawal.
(3)  There are no indemnity fund assessments on seed crops deposited for service.