Terms Used In Idaho Code 25-3119

  • Commission: means the Idaho dairy products commission;
Idaho Code 25-3103
  • Producer: means a person who produces milk from cows and sells it for human or animal food, or medicinal or industrial uses;
  • Idaho Code 25-3103
  • Producer-handler: means any person who produces milk or milk fat and uses such production, or any part of it, for processing. See Idaho Code 25-3103
  • The tax imposed in this chapter shall be paid by the first purchaser or producer-handler to the commission. The commission shall receipt the purchaser or producer-handler therefor and promptly deposit the moneys in a bank account in the name of the Idaho dairy products commission. The commission may adopt, rescind, modify and amend regulations not consistent with this chapter, related to the payment and collection of the tax provided for in the chapter.