The board shall administer the examinations for licensing, subject to the following requirements:
(a)  Examinations shall be of such character as to determine the qualifications, fitness and ability of the applicant to practice denturitry, with the form of the test to be written, oral, or a practical demonstration of skills, or such combination of the three (3) as the board may prescribe.

Terms Used In Idaho Code 54-3311

  • Board: means the state board of denturitry. See Idaho Code 54-3303
  • Jurisprudence: The study of law and the structure of the legal system.
(b)  The examination shall include coverage of the following subjects:
(1)  Head and oral anatomy;
(2)  Oral pathology;
(3)  Physiology;
(4)  Clinical dental technology;
(5)  Dental laboratory technology;
(6)  Microbiology;
(7)  Clinical jurisprudence;
(8)  Asepsis;
(9)  First aid for minor office emergencies.