39-5601 Legislative Intent
39-5602 Definitions
39-5603 Standards for Provision of Personal Assistance Services
39-5604 Health and Background Checks
39-5605 Training of Personal Assistants
39-5608 Liability of Actions Under This Chapter
39-5609 Personal Assistance Oversight Committee

Terms Used In Idaho Code > Title 39 > Chapter 56

  • Committee membership: Legislators are assigned to specific committees by their party. Seniority, regional balance, and political philosophy are the most prominent factors in the committee assignment process.
  • Department: means the department of health and welfare of the state of Idaho. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Director: means the director of the department of health and welfare. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Fiscal intermediary agency: means an entity that provides services that allow the participant receiving personal assistance services, or his designee or legal representative, to choose the level of control he will assume in recruiting, selecting, managing, training and dismissing his personal assistant and over the manner in which services are delivered. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Individual service plan: means a document which outlines all services including, but not limited to, personal assistance services and IADLs, required to maintain the individual in his or her home and community. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Month: means a calendar month, unless otherwise expressed. See Idaho Code 73-114
  • Oversight: Committee review of the activities of a Federal agency or program.
  • participant: means an individual determined eligible by the department for Idaho medicaid services, as authorized by title XIX, of the social security act, as amended. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • PCS family alternate care provider: means an individual licensed by the department to provide personal care services to one (1) or two (2) children who are unable to reside in their own home and require assistance with medically oriented tasks related to the child’s physical or functional needs. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • person: includes a corporation as well as a natural person;
Idaho Code 73-114
  • Personal assistance agency: means an entity that recruits, hires, fires, trains, supervises, schedules, oversees quality of work, takes responsibility for services provided, provides payroll and benefits for personal assistants working for them, is the employer of record and in fact. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Personal assistance services: includes both attendant care services and personal care services and means services that involve personal and medically oriented tasks dealing with the functional needs of the participant and accommodating the participant’s needs for long-term maintenance, supportive care or IADLs. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Personal assistant: means an individual who directly provides personal assistance services. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Property: includes both real and personal property. See Idaho Code 73-114
  • Provider: means a personal assistance agency, a fiscal intermediary agency or a PCS family alternate care provider. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Representative: means an employee of the department of health and welfare. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • Service coordination: means a case management activity that assists individuals eligible for medicaid in gaining and coordinating access to necessary care and services appropriate to the needs of the individual. See Idaho Code 39-5602
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories; and the words "United States" may include the District of Columbia and territories. See Idaho Code 73-114