49-901 Duties of Department and Director of Idaho State Police
49-902 Scope and Effect
49-903 When Lighted Lamps Are Required
49-904 Visibility Distance and Mounted Height of Lamps
49-905 Head Lamps On Motor Vehicles
49-906 Tail Lamps
49-907 Motor Vehicles to Be Equipped With Reflectors
49-908 Stop Lamps and Turn Signals Required On Motor Vehicles
49-909 Additional Equipment Required On Certain Vehicles
49-910 Color of Clearance Lamps, Side Marker Lamps, and Reflectors
49-910A Color of Lamps and Globes Limited to Certain Vehicle Classes
49-911 Visibility of Reflectors, Clearance Lamps, and Marker Lamps
49-912 Obstructed Lights Not Required
49-913 Lamp or Flag On Projecting Load
49-914 Lamps On Parked Vehicles
49-915 School Buses — Visual Signal
49-916 Lamps On Farm Tractors, Farm Equipment and Implements of Husbandry
49-917 Lamps On Other Vehicles and Equipment
49-918 Spot Lamps and Auxiliary Lamps
49-919 Signal Lamps and Signal Devices
49-920 Additional Lighting Equipment
49-921 Rear Mounted Acceleration and Deceleration Lighting System
49-922 Multiple-Beam Road-Lighting Equipment
49-923 Use of Multiple-Beam Road-Lighting Equipment
49-924 Single-Beam Road-Lighting Equipment
49-925 Lighting Equipment On Motor-Driven Cycles
49-926 Alternate Road-Lighting Equipment
49-927 Number of Driving Lamps Required or Permitted
49-928 Special Restrictions On Lamps
49-929 Lights On Snow Removal Equipment
49-930 Selling or Using Lamps or Equipment
49-933 Brakes
49-934 Brakes On Motor-Driven Cycles
49-937 Mufflers, Prevention of Noise
49-940 Mirrors
49-943 Windshields to Be Unobstructed and Equipped With Wipers
49-944 Standards for Windshields and Windows of Motor Vehicles — Prohibited Acts — Penalty
49-945 Safety Glazing Material in Motor Vehicles
49-948 Restrictions as to Tire Equipment
49-949 Requirement as to Fender or Covers Over All Wheels On Motor Vehicles
49-952 Certain Vehicles to Carry Flares or Other Warning Devices
49-953 Display of Warning Devices When Vehicle Disabled
49-956 Horns and Warning Devices
49-959 Air-Conditioning Equipment
49-962 Footrests On Motorcycles and Motor Driven Cycles
49-965 Modification of Vehicle to Reduce Road Clearance Beyond Certain Limits Unlawful
49-966 Motor Vehicle Bumper Height Requirements
49-967 Air Bags and Air Bag Systems — Disclosure If Inoperable

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