Chapter 1 Division of Weights and Measures 71-108 – 71-121
Chapter 2 Standards 71-229 – 71-243
Chapter 3 Enforcement and Penalties 71-303 – 71-308
Chapter 4 Licensing of Weighmasters 71-401 – 71-411

Terms Used In Idaho Code > Title 71

  • Attachment: A procedure by which a person's property is seized to pay judgments levied by the court.
  • Domesticated entity: means the domesticating entity as it continues in existence after a domestication. See Idaho Code 30-22-102
  • Domesticating entity: means the domestic entity that approves a plan of domestication pursuant to section 30-22-503, Idaho Code, or the foreign entity that approves a domestication pursuant to the law of its jurisdiction of formation. See Idaho Code 30-22-102
  • Domestication: means a transaction authorized by part 5 of this chapter. See Idaho Code 30-22-102
  • Interest holder liability: means :
Idaho Code 30-22-102
  • Merger: means a transaction in which two (2) or more merging entities are combined into a surviving entity pursuant to a record filed by the secretary of state. See Idaho Code 30-22-102
  • Plan: means a plan of merger, plan of interest exchange, plan of conversion or plan of domestication. See Idaho Code 30-22-102
  • Plan of domestication: means a plan under section 30-22-502, Idaho Code. See Idaho Code 30-22-102
  • Statement of domestication: means a statement under section 30-22-505, Idaho Code. See Idaho Code 30-22-102