§ 413.005 Definitions
§ 413.015 Division of weights and measures — established — director and staff, …
§ 413.035 Standards and systems of weights and measures authorized for use
§ 413.045 Calibration of weights and measures as prescribed by the National Institute ..
§ 413.055 Specifications, tolerance and other technical requirements adopted by division
§ 413.065 Director, duties — rules, procedure.
§ 413.075 Powers of director
§ 413.085 City- and county-appointed weights and measures officials, powers and ..
§ 413.095 Liquid form commodities, how sold — if not in liquid form, how sold — sale …
§ 413.105 Misrepresentation of quantity or price prohibited
§ 413.115 Deceptive business practices, prohibited
§ 413.125 Bulk sales, delivery ticket required, when, content
§ 413.130 Investigations by director
§ 413.135 Prohibited actions
§ 413.139 Taximeter increments
§ 413.145 Packages for sale, certain information on package required
§ 413.155 Packages containing random weights to state price per single unit of weight
§ 413.165 Advertising packaged commodity stating retail price, quantity also required ..
§ 413.175 Scales for commercial use to comply with standards — scale sales, sellers, …
§ 413.195 Impersonation of director or inspectors, prohibited
§ 413.205 Injunctions, temporary or permanent, when
§ 413.215 Weighing or measuring device in business place rebuttable, presumption of ..
§ 413.225 Fees — rates — due at time of registration, inspection or calibration, …
§ 413.226 Weight and measure devices law not applicable to certain devices — …
§ 413.227 Violations, procedure, notices, contents — hearing, rights of violator — …
§ 413.229 Criminal penalties for violations

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