73-101 Codes Not Retroactive
73-102 Codes Liberally Construed — Multiple Amendments to Be Compiled
73-103 Codes Continue Existing Law
73-104 Tenure of Offices Preserved
73-105 Certain Offices to Cease
73-106 Accrued Rights and Pending Actions Not Affected
73-107 Limitations Not Tolled
73-108 Holidays Enumerated
73-108A Children\’s Day
73-108B Constitutional Commemorative Day
73-108C Idaho Day
73-109 Computation of Time
73-110 Computation of Time — Obligations Maturing On Holidays
73-111 Seal Defined
73-112 Joint Authority Construed
73-113 Construction of Words and Phrases
73-114 Statutory Terms Defined
73-114A Legislative Intent On Respectful Language
73-115 General Repeal of Existing Law
73-116 Common Law in Force
73-117 Prior Legislation Repealed
73-118 Past Offenses May Be Prosecuted
73-119 Special and Local Laws Continued
73-120 Special and Local Laws of 1919
73-121 English the Official State Language
73-122 Social Security Number