§ 1-1 Words and phrases. Construction of statutes
§ 1-1a Terms relating to security in personal property
§ 1-1b Payment by bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check in lieu of certified check
§ 1-1c “Elector” defined. “Special election warned and held or called for that purpose”, means “referendum”, when
§ 1-1d “Minor”, “infant”, “infancy”, “age of majority”, defined
§ 1-1e Savings clause
§ 1-1f “Blind”, “physically disabled”, defined
§ 1-1g “Intellectual disability” defined
§ 1-1h Identity cards
§ 1-1i Use of fees collected from issuance of identity cards
§ 1-1j Methods of payment for licenses, fees, costs or fines
§ 1-1k “Victim of crime”, “crime victim”, defined
§ 1-1l Holocaust victims’ settlement payments excluded from income for purposes of needs-based programs
§ 1-1m Applicability of marriage terms
§ 1-1n “Gender identity or expression” defined
§ 1-2 Legal notices
§ 1-2a Construction of term “postmark”
§ 1-2b Construction of term “certified mail, return receipt requested”
§ 1-2c Construction of term “electronic mail”
§ 1-2z Plain meaning rule
§ 1-3 Validity of separate provisions of acts
§ 1-3a License or permit fee due on Saturday, Sunday or holiday
§ 1-3b Enforcement of subpoena powers