The application for a permit to organize shall be in a form specified by the Commissioner and shall be filed with the Commissioner signed by each of the applicants and shall be acknowledged before some officer authorized by law to acknowledge deeds. It shall state:
     (1) The name, residence, business or occupation and address of each applicant, and a statement of the proposed management;

Terms Used In Illinois Compiled Statutes 205 ILCS 5/9

  • State: when applied to different parts of the United States, may be construed to include the District of Columbia and the several territories, and the words "United States" may be construed to include the said district and territories. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 5 ILCS 70/1.14

     (2) The name for the proposed bank;
     (3) The location of the proposed bank;
     (4) The amount of capital and surplus for the proposed bank;
     (5) The number of shares of capital stock, the number of shares and classes of preferred stock, if any, the par value of the capital stock and preferred stock, and the amount for which each share of capital stock and preferred stock is to be sold;
     (6) A statement of the financial worth of each of the applicants;
     (7) (Blank);
     (8) Such other relevant information as the Commissioner may require.