(a) For purposes of this Section “State-supported institutions of higher learning” or “institutions” means the University of Illinois, Southern Illinois University, the colleges and universities under the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors of State Colleges and Universities, the colleges and universities under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of Regency Universities, and the public community colleges subject to the Public Community College Act.
     (b) Each State-supported institution of higher learning shall develop a comprehensive waste reduction plan covering a period of 10 years which addresses the management of solid waste generated by academic, administrative, student housing and other institutional functions. The waste reduction plan shall be developed by January 1, 1995. The initial plan required under this Section shall be updated by the institution every 5 years, and any proposed amendments to the plan shall be submitted for review in accordance with subsection (f).

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     (c) Each waste reduction plan shall address, at a minimum, the following topics: existing waste generation by volume, waste composition, existing waste reduction and recycling activities, waste collection and disposal costs, future waste management methods, and specific goals to reduce the amount of waste generated that is subject to landfill disposal.
     (d) Each waste reduction plan shall provide for recycling of marketable materials currently present in the institution’s waste stream, including but not limited to landscape waste, corrugated cardboard, computer paper, and white office paper, and shall provide for the investigation of potential markets for other recyclable materials present in the institution’s waste stream. The recycling provisions of the waste reduction plan shall be designed to achieve, by January 1, 2000, at least a 40% reduction (referenced to a base year of 1987) in the amount of solid waste that is generated by the institution and identified in the waste reduction plan as being subject to landfill disposal.
     (e) Each waste reduction plan shall evaluate the institution’s procurement policies and practices to eliminate procedures which discriminate against items with recycled content, and to identify products or items which are procured by the institution on a frequent or repetitive basis for which products with recycled content may be substituted. Each waste reduction plan shall prescribe that it will be the policy of the institution to purchase products with recycled content whenever such products have met specifications and standards of equivalent products which do not contain recycled content.
     (f) Each waste reduction plan developed in accordance with this Section shall be submitted to the Agency for review and approval. The Agency’s review shall be conducted in cooperation with the Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College Board.
     (g) The Agency shall provide technical assistance, technical materials, workshops and other information necessary to assist in the development and implementation of the waste reduction plans. The Agency shall develop guidelines and funding criteria for providing grant assistance to institutions for the implementation of approved waste reduction plans.