As used in this Division: “Garbage” means any refuse products or materials including but not limited to the following: putrescible animal and vegetable wastes resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking, sale or consumption of food; animal excretion; glass or metal containers, products or objects discarded as no longer useable; paper, wood, and cardboard waste; uprooted weeds, grass clippings, leaves and the like; ashes and cinders; discarded furniture or clothing; and dead animals. The term “garbage” does not include human excretion in the form of body waste.
     “Garbage disposal area” means any area within a county but outside any city, village or incorporated town in such county to which garbage is hauled for disposal. The term does not include the area on any person’s land used for disposal of garbage from such person’s own household, nor does it include areas maintained by any incorporated city, village or town.