(a) The vehicle, vehicle operator, vehicle registration plate or digital registration plate, speed, date, time, and location must be clearly visible on the photograph or other recorded image of the alleged violation.
     (b) A Uniform Traffic Citation must be mailed or otherwise delivered to the registered owner of the vehicle. If mailed, the citation must be sent via certified mail within 14 business days of the alleged violation, return receipt requested.
     (c) The Uniform Traffic Citation must include:
         (1) the name and address of the vehicle owner;
         (2) the registration number of the vehicle;
         (3) the offense charged;
         (4) the time, date, and location of the violation;
         (5) the first available court date; and
         (6) notice that the basis of the citation is the
photograph or recorded image from the automated traffic control system.
    (d) The Uniform Traffic Citation issued to the violator must be accompanied by a written document that lists the violator's rights and obligations and explains how the violator can elect to proceed by either paying the fine or challenging the issuance of the Uniform Traffic Citation.