§ 625 ILCS 7/1 Short title
§ 625 ILCS 7/5 Purpose
§ 625 ILCS 7/10 Establishment of automated control systems
§ 625 ILCS 7/15 Definitions
§ 625 ILCS 7/20 Penalties
§ 625 ILCS 7/25 Limitations on the use of automated traffic enforcement systems
§ 625 ILCS 7/30 Requirements for issuance of a citation
§ 625 ILCS 7/35 Response to issuance of a citation
§ 625 ILCS 7/40 Admissibility of recorded images
§ 625 ILCS 7/45 Vehicle rental or leasing company’s identification of a renter or lessee
§ 625 ILCS 7/999 Effective date

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