§ 1 This Act shall be known and may be cited as the “Uniform Peace
§ 2 For the purposes of this Act, unless clearly required otherwise, the
§ 3 Whenever an officer is subjected to an interrogation within the
§ 3.1 The interrogation shall take place at the facility to which the
§ 3.2 No officer shall be subjected to interrogation without first being
§ 3.3 All interrogations shall be conducted at a reasonable time of day.
§ 3.4 The officer under investigation shall be informed in writing of the
§ 3.5 Interrogation sessions shall be of reasonable duration and shall
§ 3.6 The officer being interrogated shall not be subjected to professional
§ 3.7 A complete record of any interrogation shall be made, and a complete
§ 3.8 Admissions; counsel; verified complaint
§ 3.9 The officer under investigation shall have the right to be
§ 3.10 Admissions or confessions obtained during the course of any
§ 3.11 In the course of any interrogation no officer shall be required to
§ 4 The rights of officers in disciplinary procedures set forth under
§ 5 This Act does not apply to any officer charged with violating any
§ 6 The provisions of this Act apply only to the extent there is no
§ 7 No officer shall be discharged, disciplined, demoted, denied