§ 50-5 Penalties
§ 50-10 Injunctive relief

Terms Used In Illinois Compiled Statutes > 5 ILCS 430 > Article 50 - Penalties

  • Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths.
  • Appropriation: The provision of funds, through an annual appropriations act or a permanent law, for federal agencies to make payments out of the Treasury for specified purposes. The formal federal spending process consists of two sequential steps: authorization
  • board member: means a person elected to serve on the county board. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 55 ILCS 5/2-3001
  • Case law: The law as laid down in cases that have been decided in the decisions of the courts.
  • commission: means the county clerk, the State's Attorney, the Attorney General or his designated representative and the chairmen of the county central committees of the first leading political party and the second leading political party as defined in Section 1-3 of The Election Code. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 55 ILCS 5/2-3001
  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • Counterclaim: A claim that a defendant makes against a plaintiff.
  • district: means a public water district organized under "An Act in relation to public water districts" approved July 25, 1945, as amended. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 65 ILCS 5/11-151-1
  • District: means a county board district established as provided in this Division. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 55 ILCS 5/2-3001
  • Indictment: The formal charge issued by a grand jury stating that there is enough evidence that the defendant committed the crime to justify having a trial; it is used primarily for felonies.
  • Misdemeanor: Usually a petty offense, a less serious crime than a felony, punishable by less than a year of confinement.
  • Month: means a calendar month, and the word "year" a calendar year unless otherwise expressed; and the word "year" alone, is equivalent to the expression "year of our Lord. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 5 ILCS 70/1.10
  • Municipalities: has the meaning established in Section 1 of Article VII of the Constitution of the State of Illinois of 1970. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 5 ILCS 70/1.27
  • Population: means the number of inhabitants as determined by the last preceding federal decennial census. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 55 ILCS 5/2-3001
  • Quorum: The number of legislators that must be present to do business.
  • sworn: shall be construed to include the word "affirmed. See Illinois Compiled Statutes 5 ILCS 70/1.12
  • Trial: A hearing that takes place when the defendant pleads "not guilty" and witnesses are required to come to court to give evidence.