Sec. 12. (a) Subject to the availability of money and consistent with needs assessment, the division of disability and rehabilitative services shall give priority to the establishment of residential facilities, other than the facilities described in section 3 of this chapter, in counties in which the ratio of the number of residential facility beds to county population is in the lowest twenty-five percent (25%) when compared to all other Indiana counties. The division of disability and rehabilitative services may operate residential facilities established under this section.

     (b) Before the division of disability and rehabilitative services takes any steps to establish a residential facility under this section, the division shall place at least two (2) legal advertisements in a newspaper having a general circulation in the county. These advertisements must be aimed at recruiting private parties to serve as operators of residential facilities in the county. The advertisements must be published at intervals at least one (1) month apart.

[Pre-1992 Revision Citation: 4-28-21-12(b).]

As added by P.L.2-1992, SEC.22. Amended by P.L.4-1993, SEC.212; P.L.5-1993, SEC.225; P.L.141-2006, SEC.72.

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