Article 7 General Provisions and Definitions
Article 8 Administering Family and Social Services
Article 9 Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services
Article 9.1 Division of Aging
Article 10 Aging Services
Article 10.5 Respite Care Services
Article 11 Services for Individuals With Disabilities
Article 12 Rehabilitation Services
Article 12.5 Quality Improvement Services
Article 12.7 Child Development Services
Article 13 Division of Family Resources
Article 14 Family Assistance Services
Article 15 Medicaid
Article 16 Payment for Health Services Other Than Medicaid
Article 16.5 The Health Care Compact
Article 17 Children’S Services
Article 17.2 Day Care Regulation
Article 17.6 Children’S Health Insurance Program
Article 18 Family Protection Services
Article 19 County Welfare Administration and Financing
Article 20 Township Assistance
Article 21 Division of Mental Health and Addiction
Article 22 Services for Persons With Mental Illness
Article 23 Addiction Services
Article 24 State Institutions
Article 25 Licensure of Private Mental Health Institutions
Article 26 Voluntary and Involuntary Treatment of Mentally Ill Individuals
Article 27 Rights of Individuals Being Treated for Mental Illness or Developmental Disabilities
Article 28 Miscellaneous Provisions Concerning Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities
Article 29 Financing Local Programs
Article 30 County Homes and Other County Facilities
Article 32 Restrictions On Public Benefits