Sec. 0.5. (a) “Motorized cart” means a conveyance that is:

(1) motor driven, either by gas or electricity;

(2) used to carry passengers or equipment; and

(3) smaller than the types of motor vehicles required to be registered by the bureau of motor vehicles such as a:

(A) passenger motor vehicle (as defined in IC 9-13-2-123);

(B) recreational vehicle (as defined in IC 9-13-2-150); or

(C) truck (as defined in IC 9-13-2-188).

A motorized cart may be characterized as a golf cart, utility cart, or similar form of motor vehicle.

     (b) The term does not include:

(1) an electric personal assistive mobility device (as defined in IC 9-13-2-49.3);

(2) a motorcycle (as defined in IC 9-13-2-108);

(3) a motor driven cycle (as defined in IC 9-13-2-104.1);

(4) an off-road vehicle; or

(5) an electric foot scooter (as defined in IC 9-13-2-49.4).

As added by P.L.225-2005, SEC.14. Amended by P.L.221-2014, SEC.86; P.L.142-2019, SEC.10.