Sec. 14. (a) Upon completion of the liquidation, the department shall prepare and file a statement of dissolution in the office of the recorder of the county in which the savings bank was located.
(b) The statement of dissolution shall contain the following: (1) The name of the savings bank.
(2) The location of the savings bank.
(3) The date of the meeting of the board adopting the resolution of dissolution.
(4) A copy of the notice of the meeting of the board.
(5) A copy of the minutes of the meeting of the board containing the full text of the resolution of dissolution.
(6) The manner of the adoption of the resolution of dissolution and the vote by which the resolution was adopted.
(7) A copy of the notices published under this chapter.
(8) The names and addresses of the trustees and officers of the savings bank at the time of the adoption of the resolution.
(9) A copy of the order of the department directing the liquidation and dissolution of the savings bank.
(10) A brief summary setting forth, as of the date of the taking possession of the savings bank by the department of the following:
(A) The aggregate amount of general claims finally allowed against the savings bank.
(B) The aggregate amount of claims allowed as preferred, and the aggregate amount of all other claims against the savings bank.
(C) A statement of the aggregate payments made on each of the groups of claims and a reference to the following:
(i) The court records where the orders authorizing the payments are recorded.
(ii) The current reports where a report of the payments ordered is made.
(11) A brief summary setting forth the following:
(A) The disposition of the surplus assets (if any) remaining after payment of all costs and expenses of administration and liquidation.
(B) The payment of all liabilities, including deposits and accrued dividends or interest (if any).
(12) A copy of the final order of the court in the matter of the liquidation of the savings bank. As added by P.L.42-1993, SEC.72.