Sec. 4. (a) The legislative body of any county, second or third class city, or town in which is located one (1) or more participating hospitals, upon request in writing by the board of trustees or other governing board of any such participating hospital, may adopt a resolution for the creation of an authority under this chapter.

     (b) Upon the adoption of the resolution, there is created an authority which shall be a body corporate and politic for the purpose of financing, acquiring, constructing, equipping, and leasing a project or projects to participating hospitals located in the county, city, or town or refunding outstanding indebtedness of participating hospitals located in the county, city, or town as authorized by this chapter, or both.

Terms Used In Indiana Code 5-1-4-4

  • Authority: means a hospital authority created by IC § 5-1-4-4 or any board, body, commission, department, or officer succeeding to the principal functions thereof or to whom the powers conferred upon such authority by this chapter shall be given by law. See Indiana Code 5-1-4-3
  • Clerk: means the clerk of the court or a person authorized to perform the clerk's duties. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • in writing: include printing, lithographing, or other mode of representing words and letters. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • Participating hospital: means a:

    Indiana Code 5-1-4-3

  • Project: means a structure or addition to an existing structure which is suitable for use as a hospital, clinic, laboratory, laundry, nurses' or interns' residence, administration building, research facility, or maintenance, storage, or utility facility, and other structures or facilities related thereto or required or useful for the operation of the project, including the site thereof; parking and other facilities or structures essential or convenient for the orderly operation of such project, or equipment, machinery, and other similar items necessary or convenient for the operation of the project in the manner for which its use is intended, but not such items as fuel, supplies, or other items which customarily result in a current operating charge. See Indiana Code 5-1-4-3
     (c) If the authority is created by a resolution of the legislative body of a county, it shall be known as the “Hospital Authority of __________ County” (include the name of the county).

     (d) If the authority is created by resolution of the legislative body of a second or third class city or town, it shall be known as the “Hospital Authority of __________” (include the name of the city or town).

     (e) The county auditor, the city clerk, or the town clerk-treasurer, as the case may be, shall file a certified copy of the resolution with the executive of the county, city, or town, as the case may be, in which the authority is created.

Formerly: Acts 1971, P.L.41, SEC.1; Acts 1972, P.L.10, SEC.1; Acts 1975, P.L.35, SEC.3. As amended by Acts 1980, P.L.23, SEC.2; Acts 1981, P.L.44, SEC.1; Acts 1982, P.L.30, SEC.1; P.L.40-1985, SEC.1; P.L.8-1989, SEC.14.