Article 1 Bonds and Other Obligations
Article 1.2 Indiana Finance Authority
Article 1.3 Lease Financing for Rail Projects for the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority and the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District
Article 1.4 Local Public Improvement Bond Banks
Article 1.5 Indiana Bond Bank
Article 2 Law Enforcement
Article 3 Publication of Notices
Article 4 Officers’ Bonds and Oaths
Article 6 Officers’ Deputies
Article 7 Officers’ Fees and Salaries
Article 8 Officers’ Impeachment, Removal, Resignation, and Disqualification
Article 9 Leaves of Absence and Appointment Preferences for Military Service
Article 10 Public Employee Benefits
Article 10.1 Social Security Coverage for Public Employees
Article 10.2 Public Retirement and Disability Benefits
Article 10.3 The Public Employees’ Retirement Fund
Article 10.4 State Teachers’ Retirement Fund
Article 10.5 Indiana Public Pension Modernization Act
Article 11 Accounting for Public Funds
Article 13 Investment of Public Funds
Article 14 Public Records and Public Meetings
Article 15 Preservation of Public Records
Article 16 Public Works
Article 17 Public Purchases
Article 19 Federal Aid
Article 20 Housing
Article 22 Public Purchasing
Article 23 Public-Private Agreements
Article 25 Interstate Jobs Protection Compact
Article 26 Public Safety Communications
Article 26.5 Address Confidentiality Program
Article 27 Electronic Payments to Governmental Bodies
Article 28 Indiana Economic Development Corporation
Article 30 Design-Build Public Works Projects
Article 32 Employment of Construction Managers as Constructors for Projects
Article 33 Indiana Destination Development Corporation
Article 33.5 Agreements With Federally Recognized Indian Tribes
Article 34 Indiana Career Accelerator Fund