Sec. 1. (a) In order to ensure the public safety and general welfare of the people of the state of Indiana and to promote equity for all segments of society, a program of mandatory training for law enforcement officers is established.

     (b) This chapter shall be interpreted to achieve said purposes through the establishment of minimum standards in law enforcement training.

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     (c) It is the intent of this chapter to encourage all law enforcement officers, departments, and agencies within this state to adopt standards which are higher than the minimum standards implemented under this chapter and such minimum standards shall in no way be deemed sufficient or adequate in those cases where higher standards have been adopted or proposed.

     (d) The chief executive officer of a law enforcement department or agency in Indiana shall use all reasonable means to ensure that the law enforcement officers within the department or agency comply with this chapter. The chief executive officer shall submit to the executive director of the board, not later than March 31 of each year, a written report detailing the basic and inservice training status of each law enforcement officer on the payroll of the department or agency. The report must also include similarly detailed information pertaining to the training status of each police reserve officer.

Formerly: Acts 1967, c.209, s.1. As amended by P.L.16-1984, SEC.2; P.L.30-1992, SEC.1; P.L.52-2005, SEC.1.