Chapter 1 Intent and Purpose of Air Pollution Control Laws
Chapter 3 Powers and Duties Concerning Air Pollution Control
Chapter 4 Air Pollution Emergencies
Chapter 5 Motor Vehicle Emission Control
Chapter 6 Regulation of Asbestos and Asbestos Contractors
Chapter 7 Clean Air Act Permit Compliance Program
Chapter 8 Title V Operating Permit Program, Trust Fund, and Fees
Chapter 9 Open Burning
Chapter 10 Incineration of PCB
Chapter 11 Thermal Oxidation Unit Permits
Chapter 12 Enforcement of Local Air Pollution Ordinances
Chapter 13 Enforceable Operating Agreement Program
Chapter 15 Disposal and Destruction of Confiscated Drugs

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 13 > Article 17 - Air Pollution Control

  • Complaint: A written statement by the plaintiff stating the wrongs allegedly committed by the defendant.
  • drug: means :

    Indiana Code 13-17-15-1

  • Highway: includes county bridges and state and county roads, unless otherwise expressly provided. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • in writing: include printing, lithographing, or other mode of representing words and letters. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • law enforcement agency: means an agency or department of:

    Indiana Code 13-17-15-2

  • law enforcement officer: has the meaning set forth in IC 35-31. See Indiana Code 13-17-15-3
  • Obligation: An order placed, contract awarded, service received, or similar transaction during a given period that will require payments during the same or a future period.
  • Population: has the meaning set forth in IC 1-1-3. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • Precedent: A court decision in an earlier case with facts and law similar to a dispute currently before a court. Precedent will ordinarily govern the decision of a later similar case, unless a party can show that it was wrongly decided or that it differed in some significant way.