Article 11 Definitions
Article 12 General Provisions
Article 13 Department of Environmental Management
Article 14 Powers and Duties of Department of Environmental Management and Boards
Article 15 Permits Generally
Article 16 Fees Generally
Article 17 Air Pollution Control
Article 18 Water Pollution Control
Article 19 Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Management Generally
Article 20 Solid Waste Management
Article 20.5 Electronic Waste
Article 21 Solid Waste Management Districts
Article 22 Hazardous Waste Management
Article 23 Underground Storage Tanks
Article 24 Petroleum
Article 25 Hazardous Substances
Article 26 Regional Water, Sewage, and Solid Waste Districts
Article 27 Industrial Pollution Prevention and Safe Materials
Article 28 Technical Assistance and Voluntary Compliance
Article 29 Interstate Compacts
Article 30 Enforcement and Legal Actions