Chapter 1 Milk and Milk Products; Permits; Standards; Inspections
Chapter 2 Milk and Cream Purchases
Chapter 3 Prohibition of Fees Assessed by Local Governments on Milk Producers
Chapter 4 Payment of Claims Against Dairy Processing Plants
Chapter 5 Indiana Dairy Industry Development

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 15 > Article 18

  • Agency: means an authority, a board, a branch, a bureau, a commission, a committee, a council, a department, a division, an office, a service, or other instrumentality of the executive, including the administrative, department of state government. See Indiana Code 4-2-6-1
  • Appointing authority: means the following:

    Indiana Code 4-2-6-1

  • Babcock test: means the official Babcock test for milk and for cream. See Indiana Code 15-18-2-1
  • board: refers to the creamery examining board established by section 9 of this chapter. See Indiana Code 15-18-2-2
  • board: refers to the Indiana dairy industry development board established by section 9 of this chapter. See Indiana Code 15-18-5-1
  • commercial use: means sale for:

    Indiana Code 15-18-5-2

  • Commission: refers to the state ethics commission created under section 2 of this chapter. See Indiana Code 4-2-6-1
  • Direct line of supervision: means the chain of command in which the superior affects, or has the authority to affect, the terms and conditions of the subordinate's employment, including making decisions about work assignments, compensation, grievances, advancements, or performance evaluation. See Indiana Code 4-2-6-1
  • director: refers to the director of the Indiana state department of agriculture or the director's designee. See Indiana Code 15-18-5-3
  • Employee: means an individual, other than a state officer, who is employed by an agency on a full-time, a part-time, a temporary, an intermittent, or an hourly basis. See Indiana Code 4-2-6-1
  • engaged in the production of milk: includes every person engaged in producing milk in Indiana or to be shipped into Indiana as a:

    Indiana Code 15-18-3-1

  • in writing: include printing, lithographing, or other mode of representing words and letters. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • Judgment: means all final orders, decrees, and determinations in an action and all orders upon which executions may issue. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • milk: means the lacteal secretion obtained by the milking of one (1) or more cows or other dairy animals, including goats, whether in the original or in any processed form, including cream, buttermilk, and skimmed milk intended for human consumption. See Indiana Code 15-18-3-2
  • milk: means any class of milk produced by dairy cows in Indiana. See Indiana Code 15-18-5-4
  • milk distributor: means any person or person's agent that purchases market milk or market cream from a bargaining agent or another plant for resale. See Indiana Code 15-18-2-3
  • Month: means a calendar month, unless otherwise expressed. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • other processing plant: means any place, premises, or establishment:

    Indiana Code 15-18-2-4

  • Person: means any individual, proprietorship, partnership, unincorporated association, trust, business trust, group, limited liability company, or corporation, whether or not operated for profit, or a governmental agency or political subdivision. See Indiana Code 4-2-6-1
  • person: includes an individual, a partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, and an association. See Indiana Code 15-18-2-5
  • person: means an individual, a firm, a limited liability company, a corporation, or an association. See Indiana Code 15-18-3-3
  • person: means an individual, a partnership, a limited liability company, a public or private corporation, a political subdivision (as defined in Indiana Code 15-18-5-5
  • producer: means a person who produces milk in Indiana or to be shipped into Indiana. See Indiana Code 15-18-3-4
  • producer: means a person engaged in the production of milk in Indiana for commercial use, including a producer-processor. See Indiana Code 15-18-5-6
  • producer-cooperative: includes :

    Indiana Code 15-18-3-5

  • producer-distributor: includes a person that:

    Indiana Code 15-18-3-6

  • producer-processor: means a producer who processes and markets the producer's own milk. See Indiana Code 15-18-5-7
  • Property: has the meaning set forth in Indiana Code 4-2-6-1
  • qualified program: means a state or regional dairy product promotion, research, or nutrition education program that:

    Indiana Code 15-18-5-8

  • receiving station: means any place other than a dairy processing plant where milk or cream is received, weighed, sampled, or tested for shipment to any other processing plant. See Indiana Code 15-18-2-6
  • Relative: means any of the following:

    Indiana Code 4-2-6-1

  • Special state appointee: means a person who is:

    Indiana Code 4-2-6-1

  • standard Babcock testing glassware: means glassware and weights that comply with specifications for official apparatus for the Babcock method as defined in the latest edition of Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International. See Indiana Code 15-18-2-7
  • State officer: means any of the following:

    Indiana Code 4-2-6-1

  • United States: includes the District of Columbia and the commonwealths, possessions, states in free association with the United States, and the territories. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5