Terms Used In Kansas Statutes 65-1,122

(a) The secretary of health and environment shall identify goals and benchmarks and develop plans to reduce the incidence of diabetes in Kansas, improve diabetes care and control complications associated with diabetes.

(b) The secretary shall submit a report to the legislative coordinating council by January 10 of each even-numbered year on the following:

(1) The financial impact and reach diabetes is having on the department of health and environment, the state of Kansas and localities within the state, including the number of individuals with diabetes impacted or covered by programs administered by the secretary, the number of individuals with diabetes and family members impacted by prevention and diabetes control programs implemented by the department, if any, the financial toll or impact diabetes and its complications places on the department and the financial toll or impact diabetes and its complications places on the department in comparison to other chronic diseases and conditions;

(2) an assessment of the benefits of implemented programs and activities aimed at controlling diabetes and preventing the disease shall include documenting the amount and source for any funding directed to the department from the Kansas legislature for programs and activities aimed at reaching those with diabetes;

(3) a description of the level of coordination existing in the department, programmatic activities and messaging concerning managing, treating or preventing all forms of diabetes and its complications;

(4) the development or revision of detailed action plans for battling diabetes with a range of actionable items for consideration by the legislature, that shall identify proposed action steps to reduce the impact of diabetes, pre-diabetes and related diabetes complications and identify the expected benchmarks for controlling and preventing relevant forms of diabetes; and

(5) the development of a detailed budget blueprint identifying needs, costs and resources required to implement the plan identified in subsection (b)(4), which blueprint shall include a budget range for all options presented in such plan for consideration by the legislature.

(c) The requirements of this section shall be limited to the diabetes information, data, initiatives and programs within the department prior to the effective date of this act, unless there is unobligated funding for diabetes in the department that may be used for new research, data collection, reporting or other requirements of this section.