All persons and corporations desiring to supply services, or to sell prosthetic devices, equipment, appliances or supplies authorized under the provisions of this act, shall first file application therefor with the secretary of health and environment and submit therewith, in the manner and form and at such times as prescribed by the secretary, their prices and qualifications. The secretary of health and environment shall approve or disapprove each such application unconditionally, or otherwise, as the secretary may determine, and notify the interested parties thereof, and shall make and keep a list of all persons and corporations who have qualified to furnish such services, devices, equipment, appliances and supplies, which list shall become a part of the permanent records of the secretary.

The secretary of health and environment may at any time thereafter revoke any such approval and shall, upon revocation thereof, notify all parties interested therein as disclosed by the secretary’s records.

The secretary shall afford any person or applicant aggrieved by an action of the secretary under this section an opportunity to be heard at a hearing conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act.