(1) No sale under execution, attachment or judgment of property occupied as a homestead shall be had until the officer executing the writ or judgment has the part thereof selected by the defendant as his homestead exemption, not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000) in value, valued under oath and set apart to him by two (2) disinterested housekeepers of the county. These appraisers shall be selected by the court or officer, and if they disagree the officer making the sale shall act as umpire.
(2) The valuation shall be in writing and signed by the person making it and returned to the court. The officer shall refer to and explain the proceedings in his return on the execution, which shall be recorded in full.

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 427.080

  • Attachment: A procedure by which a person's property is seized to pay judgments levied by the court.
  • Defendant: In a civil suit, the person complained against; in a criminal case, the person accused of the crime.
  • Oath: A promise to tell the truth.
  • Writ: A formal written command, issued from the court, requiring the performance of a specific act.

Effective: April 9, 1980
History: Amended 1980 Ky. Acts ch. 236, sec. 5, effective April 9, 1980. — Recodified
1942 Ky. Acts ch. 208, sec. 1, effective October 1, 1942, from Ky. Stat. secs. 1703,