1. Purposes.  The purposes of this Part are:
A. To secure for each juvenile subject to these provisions such care and guidance, preferably in the juvenile’s own home, as will best serve the juvenile’s welfare and the interests of society; [1997, c. 645, §1 (AMD).]

B. To preserve and strengthen family ties whenever possible, including improvement of home environment; [1977, c. 520, §1 (NEW).]

C. To remove a juvenile from the custody of the juvenile’s parents only when the juvenile’s welfare and safety or the protection of the public would otherwise be endangered or, when necessary, to punish a child adjudicated, pursuant to chapter 507, as having committed a juvenile crime; [1997, c. 645, §1 (AMD).]

D. To secure for any juvenile removed from the custody of the juvenile’s parents the necessary treatment, care, guidance and discipline to assist that juvenile in becoming a responsible and productive member of society; [1997, c. 645, §1 (AMD).]

E. To provide procedures through which the provisions of the law are executed and enforced and that ensure that the parties receive fair hearings at which their rights as citizens are recognized and protected; and [1997, c. 645, §1 (AMD).]

F. To provide consequences, which may include those of a punitive nature, for repeated serious criminal behavior or repeated violations of probation conditions. [1997, c. 645, §1 (NEW).]

[ 1997, c. 645, §1 (AMD) .]

Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 15 Sec. 3002

2. Construction.  To carry out these purposes, the provisions of this Part shall be liberally construed.
[ 1977, c. 520, §1 (NEW) .]


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