Chapter 201 General Provisions
Chapter 203 Arrest and Commitment
Chapter 204 Rewards for Information Concerning Terrorist Acts and Espionage
Chapter 205 Searches and Seizures
Chapter 206 Pen Registers and Trap and Trace Devices
Chapter 207 Release and Detention Pending Judicial Proceedings
Chapter 208 Speedy Trial
Chapter 209 Extradition
Chapter 211 Jurisdiction and Venue
Chapter 212 Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
Chapter 212A Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Over Certain Trafficking in Persons Offenses
Chapter 213 Limitations
Chapter 215 Grand Jury
Chapter 216 Special Grand Jury
Chapter 217 Indictment and Information
Chapter 219 Trial by United States Magistrate Judges
Chapter 221 Arraignment, Pleas and Trial
Chapter 223 Witnesses and Evidence
Chapter 224 Protection of Witnesses
Chapter 225 Verdict
Chapter 227 Sentences
Chapter 228 Death Sentence
Chapter 228A Post-conviction DNA Testing
Chapter 229 Postsentence Administration
Chapter 232 Miscellaneous Sentencing Provisions
Chapter 232A Special Forfeiture of Collateral Profits of Crime
Chapter 233 Contempts
Chapter 235 Appeal
Chapter 237 Crime Victims’ Rights