Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 32 Sec. 15117

Each boiler or pressure vessel used or proposed for use within this State, except boilers or pressure vessels exempt under section 15102, must be thoroughly inspected by the chief inspector, a deputy inspector or an authorized inspector as to its design, construction, installation, condition and operation. When any boiler or pressure vessel inspected as specified by the director is found to be suitable and to conform to the rules of the director, the chief inspector shall issue to the owner or user of that boiler or pressure vessel, upon payment of a fee to the director, an inspection certificate for each boiler or pressure vessel. The fee under section 15104-C must be set by the director. Inspection certificates must specify the maximum pressure that the boiler or pressure vessel inspected is allowed to carry. The inspection certificate may be valid for not more than 14 months from the date of inspection in the case of boilers and 38 months from the date of inspection in the case of pressure vessels and must be posted under glass in the engine or boiler room containing the boiler or pressure vessel or an engine operated by it or, in the case of a portable boiler, in the office of the plant where it is temporarily located. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §31 (AMD).]

In accordance with the provisions of the Maine Administrative Procedure Act, the chief inspector or any deputy inspector may at any time suspend an inspection certificate when, in the inspector’s opinion, the boiler or pressure vessel for which it was issued may not continue to be operated without menace to the public safety. An authorized inspector has corresponding powers with respect to inspection certificates for boilers and pressure vessels insured by the company employing the inspector. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §31 (AMD).]


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