§ 1 Department established
§ 2 Commissioner; appointment and term; salary
§ 3 Commissioner; division of inspection; board of building regulations
§ 4A Division of inspection; chief of inspections; qualifications of inspectors; districts; enforcement of state building code; review by commissioner
§ 5 Deputy commissioner; secretary
§ 6 Inspectors and assistants; appointment
§ 6A Disqualification of convicts
§ 7 Expenses; inspectors
§ 7A Injuries in line of duty; police services; medical expenses
§ 7B Injuries or death in line of duty; police service; compensation
§ 8 Oath of office
§ 10 Board of boiler rules
§ 10A Bureau of pipefitters, refrigeration technicians and sprinkler fitters
§ 11 Board of elevator regulations
§ 11A Board of elevator appeals; membership; powers and duties
§ 11B Bungee jumping; rules and regulations
§ 12 State athletic commission
§ 13A Architectural access board; members; terms; rules and regulations; penalties; review; definitions
§ 20 Operation of carriage horses; rules and regulations
§ 21 Special commission to investigate and study improving information and resource sharing
§ 22 Written notice of violation of certain laws and regulations; enforcement; contents; appeals