Chapter 133 Disposition of Old and Infirm Animals
Chapter 134 Lost Goods and Stray Beasts
Chapter 135 Unclaimed and Abandoned Property
Chapter 136 Observance of a Common Day of Rest and Legal Holidays
Chapter 137 Gaming
Chapter 138 Alcoholic Liquors
Chapter 139 Common Nuisances
Chapter 140 Licenses
Chapter 140B Control of Certain Junkyards
Chapter 140D Consumer Credit Cost Disclosure
Chapter 141 Supervision of Electricians
Chapter 142 Supervision of Plumbing
Chapter 142A Regulation of Home Improvement Contractors
Chapter 143 Inspection and Regulation Of, and Licenses For, Buildings, Elevators and Cinematographs
Chapter 144 Tenement Houses in Cities
Chapter 145 Tenement Houses in Towns
Chapter 146 Inspection of Boilers, Air Tanks, Etc. Licenses of Engineers, Firemen, and Operators of Hoisting Machinery
Chapter 147 State and Other Police, and Certain Powers and Duties of the Office of Public Safety and Inspections of the Division of Professional Licensure
Chapter 148 Fire Prevention
Chapter 148A Code Enforcement Officer