§ 1 Definitions
§ 1A Inspectors; appointment; powers and duties; appointment as special state police; oath of office
§ 2 Rules in general; prescription of tests; form of certificate of inspection; assistance of attorney general
§ 3 Changes in rules; hearings; notices
§ 4 Effective date of changes in rules affecting construction of boilers; special type of boilers
§ 5 Enforcement of statutes and rules; entry of premises in pursuance of duties
§ 6 Annual inspection; extension of time; first inspection
§ 7 Boilers excepted from inspections
§ 8 Necessity of inspection; issuance, display and accessibility of certificate
§ 9 Pressure; safety appliances
§ 10 Reports as to boilers not inspected by insurers
§ 11 Inspections while boiler is being operated
§ 12 Removing, tampering with or loading safety valve
§ 13 Persons authorized to inspect boilers
§ 14 Inspectors of insurers; notice of cessation of employment
§ 15 Non-certificated inspectors of insurers
§ 16 Inspection certificate issued by insurer and signed by non-certificated inspector
§ 17 Reports by inspectors; recommendations
§ 18 Reports of inspections by insurers
§ 19 Reports of cancellation and refusal of insurance
§ 20 Safety appliances for, and inspection of, heating boilers
§ 21 Preparation of boiler for inspection; notice; forbidding operation of boiler
§ 22 Fees; payment to commonwealth
§ 23 Certificate of inspection; prerequisites; necessity
§ 24 Numbering, stamping or tagging boiler; defacement or removal of number
§ 25 Submission of information of boiler inspection by insurance company to department; issuance of certificate of inspection
§ 26 Insurance on non-certificated boiler; notice; inspection; boiler not conforming to rules
§ 27 Certificate of inspection; contents; display; accessibility
§ 29 Notification of defects
§ 30 Expiration or cancellation of insurance
§ 31 Hydrostatic pressure test
§ 32 Prevention of entry on premises
§ 33 Violation of statutes or rules
§ 34 Necessity of certificate of inspections; exceptions
§ 35 Regulations
§ 36 Inspections
§ 37 Notice of location of tanks
§ 38 Reports of inspections by insurers
§ 39 Inspection tests; preparation
§ 40 Fees; payment to commonwealth
§ 41 Violation of statutes or regulations
§ 42 Safety valves
§ 43 Rules; formulation
§ 44 Rules; effect; printing; furnished on request
§ 45 Changes in rules
§ 45A Necessity of certificate of inspection; exceptions; inspections; reports; prohibition of operation; fees; rules and regulations; penalty
§ 46 Necessity; exceptions
§ 46A Checklist for steam boiler maintenance
§ 47 Prima facie evidence of violation of statute
§ 48 Ascertainment of horse power
§ 49 Classes of licenses and work permitted; license renewal; continuing education
§ 50 Prerequisites for examinations
§ 50A Nuclear power plant operators and engineers; eligibility of applicants; examinations; fees
§ 50B Nuclear power plant operators and engineers; licenses classified
§ 50C Nuclear power plant operators and engineers; minimum supervising and shift requirements
§ 51 Display of license; daily record of boiler, condition and repairs; filing; accessibility
§ 53 Necessity of licenses; classification of hoisting machinery; exemptions
§ 53A Rules and regulations; classifications of hoisting machinery; criteria for issuing apprentice operator licenses
§ 54 Carrying of license or temporary permit
§ 54A Violation of Sec. 53, 53A, or 54; penalties
§ 55 Violation of statutes or rules; prevention of entry on premises
§ 56 Examiners of applicants for certificates of competency to inspect boilers, and for licenses as engineers or firemen; administration of oath to applicants
§ 56A Examiners of applicants for certificates of competency to operate hoisting machinery and to inspect amusement devices; administration of oath to applicants; issuance of temporary permits
§ 57 Application; fees, number of examinations; frequency of applications
§ 57A Application for license as operator of hoisting machinery not run by steam; form; examination fee
§ 58 Taking notes at examinations and on appeals; representative of insurer
§ 59 Suspension, revocation, loss or destruction of certificates or licenses; fee
§ 60 Request of insurer for examination of person applying for inspector of boilers position accompanying application; fee
§ 60A Request of insurer for examination of person applying for inspector of amusement devises position accompanying application; fee; eligibility for certificate of competency
§ 61 Board of examiners for certification of competency to inspect steam boilers; subject matter of examination
§ 61A Board of examiners for certification of competency to inspect amusement devices; subject matter of examination
§ 62 Certificate of competency to inspect steam boilers; term; expiration date; notice; renewal; lapse; reexamination; fees; suspension or revocation
§ 62A Certificate of competency to inspect amusement devices; term; expiration date; notice; renewal; lapse; reexamination; fees; suspension or revocation
§ 63 Appeals; rehearing; fee; finality of decision
§ 64 Engineers and firemen; examinations; appeal
§ 65 Operators of hoisting machinery; licenses; application; examination
§ 65A Issuance of temporary permits by person or entity from which hoisting machinery is to be rented
§ 66 Appeal of refusal, suspension or revocation of license to act as engineer or fireman; board of appeal; finality of decision
§ 66A Appeal of refusal, suspension or revocation of license to act as operator of hoisting machinery; board of appeal; finality of decision
§ 67 Licenses; duration; fees; expiration; renewal; revocation
§ 67A Examiners for the certification of oil burner technicians; place and time of examinations
§ 69 Expenditures by state fire marshal for work and apparatus
§ 70 Inspection of hot water heating boilers; changes in rules for construction of new boilers
§ 71 Unlawful operation of boilers; certificate of inspection; identification number; inspection fees
§ 72 Hydrostatic test
§ 73 Insurance company inspection; authorization
§ 74 Safety appliances; tampering; maximum pressure
§ 75 Employment of inspectors by insurance companies
§ 76 Inspector of boilers; certificate of competency required
§ 77 Reports and recommendations of inspectors; insurance cancellation or refusal report
§ 78 Preparation of boilers for inspection; notice of defect to division; operation forbidden pending issuance of certificate of inspection
§ 79 Certificate of inspection; contents; display
§ 80 Violations; written notice of violation; appeals; penalties
§ 81 Definitions applicable to Secs. 81 to 88
§ 82 Examining and licensing rules; classification of pipefitter licenses
§ 83 Examiners of applicants for fire sprinkler system contractor, pipefitter, refrigeration and sprinkler fitter licenses; rules; codes
§ 84 Necessity for license
§ 85 License applications; examinations; fees; renewal; expiration
§ 85A Apprentice sprinkler fitters
§ 86 Classification and limitation of licenses
§ 87 Pipefitters, inapplicability of provisions
§ 88 Refrigeration technicians, inapplicability of provisions
§ 88A Exclusion from sprinkler fitter’s examination and licensing requirements for certain public water system employees
§ 89 Penalties
§ 90 Fee for the issuance of certificate of inspection

Terms Used In Massachusetts General Laws > Chapter 146 - Inspection of Boilers, Air Tanks, Etc. Licenses of Engineers, Firemen, and Operators of Hoisting Machinery

  • Appeal: A request made after a trial, asking another court (usually the court of appeals) to decide whether the trial was conducted properly. To make such a request is "to appeal" or "to take an appeal." One who appeals is called the appellant.
  • Boiler: shall include fired units for heating or vaporizing liquids other than water where these units are separate from processing systems and are complete within themselves. See Massachusetts General Laws ch. 146 sec. 1
  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • Evidence: Information presented in testimony or in documents that is used to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to decide the case for one side or the other.
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • Oath: A promise to tell the truth.