Chapter 149 Labor and Industries
Chapter 149A Public Construction Alternative Delivery Methods
Chapter 150 Conciliation and Arbitration of Industrial Disputes
Chapter 150A Labor Relations
Chapter 150B Peaceful Settlement of Industrial Disputes Dangerous to Public Health and Safety
Chapter 150C Collective Bargaining Agreements to Arbitrate
Chapter 150E Labor Relations: Public Employees
Chapter 151 Minimum Fair Wages
Chapter 151A Unemployment Insurance
Chapter 151B Unlawful Discrimination Because of Race, Color, Religious Creed, National Origin, Ancestry or Sex
Chapter 151C Fair Educational Practices
Chapter 151D Health, Welfare and Retirement Funds
Chapter 151E Prohibition of Certain Discrimination by Businesses
Chapter 152 Workers’ Compensation
Chapter 153 Liability of Employers to Employees for Injuries Not Resulting in Death
Chapter 154 Assignment of Wages