Terms Used In Michigan Laws 290.691

  • month: means a calendar month; the word "year" a calendar year; and the word "year" alone shall be equivalent to the words "year of our Lord". See Michigan Laws 8.3j
   An agricultural producer and member of an agricultural cooperative marketing association organized under Act No. 327 of the Public Acts of 1931, as amended, being sections 450.62 to 450.192 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, may, by a membership and marketing agreement or by separate written authorization, authorize a processor, handler, distributor, dealer, broker or agent thereof, each of which is hereinafter referred to as a purchaser, to make deductions from any money due the member for fruits and vegetables received or purchased from the member. The amount or rate of the deductions and the names of the members from whose accounts deductions are authorized to be made shall be set forth in a written statement, filed by the association with the purchaser of the members’ fruits or vegetables on or before delivery of the members’ produce. The purchaser shall deduct from moneys due members of the association the amounts authorized to be deducted and shall forward the moneys deducted to the designated association on or before the fifteenth day of the month after the month for which payment is due or within 30 days after the harvest season of each commodity, together with a summary statement showing the producer’s name, quantity purchased, the grades thereof, the gross sales proceeds of each commodity due the grower, and the amount deducted therefrom pursuant to the authorization.