§ 18.32 Transfer of responsibilities for computer program analysis and programming for the Personnel PayRoll Information System of Michigan (PPRISM), the Payroll-Personnel System (PPS), and the General Accoun

Terms Used In Michigan Laws > Chapter 18 > E.R.O. No. 1994-7

  • Administrative act: includes an action, omission, decision, recommendation, practice, or other procedure of the department. See Michigan Laws 324.51112
  • agricultural drain: means a human-made conveyance of water that meets all of the following requirements:

    (a) Does not have continuous flow. See Michigan Laws 324.50706

  • Certificated security: means a security that is represented by a certificate. See Michigan Laws 440.8102
  • Communicate: means either of the following:

    (i) Send a signed writing. See Michigan Laws 440.8102

  • Complainant: means a prisoner or legislator who files a complaint under section 4. See Michigan Laws 324.51112
  • Council: means the legislative council established under section 15 of article IV of the state constitution of 1963. See Michigan Laws 324.51112
  • Department: means the department of environmental quality. See Michigan Laws 324.50522
  • Department: means the department of agriculture and rural development. See Michigan Laws 324.51301
  • Forest resources: means those products, uses, and values associated with forestland, including recreation and aesthetics, fish, forage, soil, timber, watershed, wilderness, and wildlife. See Michigan Laws 324.51301
  • Forestland: means a tract of land that may include nonproductive land that is intermixed with productive land that is an integral part of a managed forest and the owner of which agrees to develop, maintain, and actively manage the land as a private forest through planting, natural reproduction, or other silvicultural practices. See Michigan Laws 324.51301
  • Fund: means the private forestland enhancement fund created in section 51305. See Michigan Laws 324.51301
  • Genuine: means free of forgery or counterfeiting. See Michigan Laws 440.1201
  • Governing body: means the county board of commissioners of a county; the township board of a township; the council, common council, or commission of a city; the council, commission, or board of trustees of a village; the board of education or district board of a school district; the board of an intermediate school district; the board of trustees of a community college district; the county drain commissioner or drainage board of a drainage district; the board of the district library; the legislative body of a metropolitan district; the port commission of a port district; and, in the case of another governmental authority or agency, that official or official body having general governing powers over the authority or agency. See Michigan Laws 333.17017
  • Indorsement: means a signature that alone or accompanied by other words is made on a security certificate in registered form or on a separate document for the purpose of assigning, transferring, or redeeming the security or granting a power to assign, transfer, or redeem the security. See Michigan Laws 440.8102
  • Instruction: means a notification communicated to the issuer of an uncertificated security which directs that the transfer of the security be registered or that the security be redeemed. See Michigan Laws 440.8102
  • Municipal security: means a security that when issued was not exempt from this act or former 1943 PA 202 by the provisions of this act or by former 1943 PA 202 or by the provisions of the law authorizing its issuance and that is payable from or secured by any of the following:

    (i) Ad valorem real and personal property taxes. See Michigan Laws 333.17017

  • Municipality: means a county, township, city, village, school district, intermediate school district, community college district, metropolitan district, port district, drainage district, district library, or another governmental authority or agency in this state that has the power to issue a security. See Michigan Laws 333.17017
  • Nonindustrial private forestland: means a privately owned tract of land consisting of 20 or more acres, or the timber rights in the land if the timber rights have been severed, that has the productive capacity to grow on average not less than 20 cubic feet per acre per year and that meets either of the following conditions:

    (i) For a tract of land that contains less than 40 acres, at least 80% of the land is occupied by forest tree species. See Michigan Laws 324.51301

  • Office: means the office of the legislative corrections ombudsman created under this act. See Michigan Laws 324.51112
  • Ombudsman: means the office of legislative corrections ombudsman. See Michigan Laws 324.51112
  • Person: means an individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, association, municipality, this state, an instrumentality or agency of this state, the federal government, an instrumentality or agency of the federal government, or other legal entity. See Michigan Laws 324.50522
  • Person: means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, government, governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, public corporation, or any other legal or commercial entity. See Michigan Laws 440.1201
  • Prisoner: means a person committed to or under the jurisdiction of the department. See Michigan Laws 324.51112
  • Purchaser: means a person that takes by purchase. See Michigan Laws 440.1201
  • Qualified forester: means that term as it is defined in section 7jj of the general property tax act, 1893 PA 206, MCL 211. See Michigan Laws 324.51301
  • Security: means an evidence of debt such as a bond, note, contract, obligation, refunding obligation, certificate of indebtedness, or other similar instrument issued by a municipality, which pledges payment of the debt by the municipality from an identified source of revenue. See Michigan Laws 333.17017
  • Security: except as otherwise provided in section 8103, means an obligation of an issuer or a share, participation, or other interest in an issuer or in property or an enterprise of an issuer and is all of the following:

    (i) Represented by a security certificate in bearer or registered form, or the transfer of which may be registered upon books maintained for that purpose by or on behalf of the issuer. See Michigan Laws 440.8102

  • Signed: includes any symbol executed or adopted by a party with present intention to adopt or accept a writing. See Michigan Laws 440.1201
  • Technical assistance: means direct on-site assistance provided to individuals. See Michigan Laws 324.51301
  • Timber: means wood growth, mature or immature, growing or dead, standing or down. See Michigan Laws 324.51301
  • Uncertificated security: means a security that is not represented by a certificate. See Michigan Laws 440.8102
  • Wetland: means land characterized by the presence of water at a frequency and duration sufficient to support, and that under normal circumstances does support, wetland vegetation or aquatic life, and is commonly referred to as a bog, swamp, or marsh, and which is any of the following:

    (i) Contiguous to the Great Lakes or Lake St. See Michigan Laws 324.50522