§ 333.1031 Short title
§ 333.1032 Definitions
§ 333.1033 Determination of death; conditions; accepted medical standards; persons authorized to pronounce death of person
§ 333.1034 Repeal of MCL 333.1021 to 333.1024

Terms Used In Michigan Laws > Chapter 333 > Act 90 of 1992

  • Association: means an association registered under section 1930. See Michigan Laws 500.1903
  • Commissioner: means the director. See Michigan Laws 500.102
  • Eligible unauthorized insurer: means an insurer not authorized to transact insurance in this state but eligible to write insurance business under this chapter. See Michigan Laws 500.1903
  • Insurer: means an individual, corporation, association, partnership, reciprocal exchange, inter-insurer, Lloyds organization, fraternal benefit society, or other legal entity, engaged or attempting to engage in the business of making insurance or surety contracts. See Michigan Laws 500.106
  • Licensee: means a person licensed under this chapter. See Michigan Laws 500.1903
  • person: may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, as well as to individuals. See Michigan Laws 324.30503