Chapter 299A Department of Public Safety 299A.02 – 299A.017
Chapter 299C Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 299C.065 – 299C.063
Chapter 299D State Patrol 299D.01 – 299D.11
Chapter 299E Capitol Complex Security 299E.01 – 299E.04
Chapter 299F Fire Marshal 299F.04 – 299F.037
Chapter 299J Pipeline Safety 299J.01 – 299J.18
Chapter 299K Hazardous Chemical Emergency; Planning and Response 299K.01 – 299K.10
Chapter 299L Gambling Enforcement 299L.01 – 299L.09
Chapter 299M Fire Protection Industry Licensing 299M.01 – 299M.12
Chapter 299N Firefighter Training and Education 299N.01 – 299N.06