Chapter 135 Tax Relief
Chapter 136 Collection of State Taxes
Chapter 137 Assessment and Levy of Property Taxes
Chapter 138 Equalization and Review of Tax Assessments
Chapter 139 Payment and Collection of Current Taxes
Chapter 140 Collection of Delinquent Taxes Generally
Chapter 141 Delinquent Taxes — Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 142 Motor Fuel Tax
Chapter 143 Income Tax
Chapter 144 Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 145 Estate Tax
Chapter 146 Intangible Personal Property Tax
Chapter 147 Corporation Franchise Tax
Chapter 148 Taxation of Financial Institutions
Chapter 149 Cigarette Tax
Chapter 150 Merchants’, Manufacturers’, Itinerant Vendors’ and Peddlers’ Licenses and Taxes
Chapter 151 Taxation of Railroads and Street Railroads
Chapter 153 Taxation of Bridge, Express and Public Utility Companies
Chapter 154 Taxation of Boats and Vessels
Chapter 155 Taxation of Aircraft