§ 81-8,183.01 Professional Landscape Architects Act, how cited
§ 81-8,184 Terms, defined
§ 81-8,184.02 Act; regulation of landscape architecture; prohibited acts
§ 81-8,186 State Board of Landscape Architects; members; appointment; qualifications; terms; removal
§ 81-8,189 Board; members; compensation; expenses
§ 81-8,190 Board; chairperson; meetings;quorum; personnel; employ
§ 81-8,191 Board; committee; powers; Attorney General; legal advisor
§ 81-8,191.01 Board; powers; rules and regulations; code of professional conduct; content
§ 81-8,192 Board; roster; duties
§ 81-8,193 Board; seal; adopt
§ 81-8,194 Board; fees; disposition; State Board of Landscape Architects Cash Fund; created; investment
§ 81-8,196 Licensure applicants; examination; eligibility; requirements
§ 81-8,198 Licensee; seal; use; effect; prohibited acts; qualifications to perform professional services
§ 81-8,198.01 Coordinating professional; designation; duties
§ 81-8,199 Certificate of licensure; issuance; use; new or duplicate certificate, fee
§ 81-8,200 Certificate of licensure; expiration; notice; renewal
§ 81-8,202 Act; enforcement; procedure
§ 81-8,204 Use of title; unlawful practice
§ 81-8,205 Prohibited acts; penalties
§ 81-8,206 Persons exempt from act
§ 81-8,207 Complaint; enforcement; procedures
§ 81-8,208 Disciplinary actions authorized; civil penalties

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