I. The authority shall include, as part of its annual report or as a separate report published and made available to the public annually on or before September 1, beginning September 1, 1997, the following information regarding each economic development program funded, bonded, or guaranteed by the authority:
(a) Information regarding the number of jobs to be created or saved and the related wages and benefits levels.

Terms Used In New Hampshire Revised Statutes 162-A:23-a

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(b) The growth potential of the program.
(c) The environmental impact of the program.
(d) The amount of the loan, grant, loan guarantee, bond guarantee, or tax incentives awarded.
II. The annual report shall also include information regarding the criteria for the awarding of economic development assistance and the means by which the authority tracks the progress which each awardee makes in meeting the job, wage, and benefit projections included in its application for assistance.