§ 631 Declaration of policy
§ 631a Congressional declaration of small business economic policy
§ 631b Reports to Congress; state of small business
§ 631c Small Business Manufacturing Task Force
§ 632 Definitions
§ 633 Small Business Administration
§ 633a Detailed justification for proposed changes in budget requests
§ 634 General powers
§ 634a Office of Advocacy within Small Business Administration; Chief Counsel for Advocacy
§ 634b Primary functions of Office of Advocacy
§ 634c Additional duties of Office of Advocacy
§ 634d Staff and powers of Office of Advocacy
§ 634e Assistance of Government agencies
§ 634f Reports
§ 634g Budgetary line item and authorization of appropriations
§ 635 Deposit of moneys; depositaries, custodians, and fiscal agents; contributions to employees’ compensation funds
§ 636 Additional powers
§ 636b Disaster loan interest rates
§ 636c Age of applicant for disaster loans
§ 636d Disaster aid to major sources of employment
§ 636e Definitions
§ 636f Coordination of efforts between the Administrator and the Internal Revenue Service to expedite loan processing
§ 636g Development and implementation of major disaster response plan
§ 636h Disaster planning responsibilities
§ 636i Small business bonding threshold
§ 636j Expedited disaster assistance loan program
§ 636k Reports on disaster assistance
§ 637 Additional powers
§ 637b Availability of information
§ 637c Definitions
§ 637d Subcontracting plan reports
§ 638 Research and development
§ 638a GAO study with respect to venture capital operating company, hedge fund, and private equity firm involvement
§ 638b Reducing vulnerability of SBIR and STTR programs to fraud, waste, and abuse
§ 639 Reporting requirements and agency cooperation
§ 639a Review of loan program; submission of estimated needs for additional authorization
§ 640 Voluntary agreements among small-business concerns
§ 641 Transfer to Administration of other functions, powers, and duties
§ 642 Requirements for loans
§ 643 Fair charge for use of Government-owned property
§ 644 Awards or contracts
§ 644a Small Business Procurement Advisory Council
§ 645 Offenses and penalties
§ 645a Annual report on suspensions and debarments proposed by Small Business Administration
§ 646 Liens
§ 647 Duplication of activities of other Federal departments or agencies
§ 648 Small business development center program authorization
§ 648b Grants for SBDCs
§ 649 Office of International Trade
§ 649b Grants, contracts and cooperative agreements for international marketing programs
§ 649c Authorization of appropriations
§ 649d Central information clearinghouse
§ 650 Supervisory and enforcement authority for small business lending companies
§ 651 National small business tree planting program
§ 652 Central European Enterprise Development Commission
§ 653 Office of Rural Affairs
§ 654 Paul D. Coverdell drug-free workplace program
§ 655 Pilot Technology Access Program
§ 656 Women’s business center program
§ 657 Oversight of regulatory enforcement
§ 657a HUBZone program
§ 657b Veterans programs
§ 657d Federal and State Technology Partnership Program
§ 657e Mentoring Networks
§ 657f Procurement program for small business concerns owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans
§ 657g Participation in federally funded projects
§ 657h Small business energy efficiency
§ 657i Coordination of disaster assistance programs with FEMA
§ 657j Information tracking and follow-up system for disaster assistance
§ 657k Disaster processing redundancy
§ 657l Comprehensive disaster response plan
§ 657m Plans to secure sufficient office space
§ 657n Immediate Disaster Assistance program
§ 657o Annual reports on disaster assistance
§ 657p Outreach regarding health insurance options available to children
§ 657q Consolidation of contract requirements
§ 657r Mentor-protege programs
§ 657s Limitations on subcontracting