The department before issuing any permit under the provisions of this act shall be satisfied as a result of inspection of the following facts:

      (a) That the milk and fluid milk products are of the standard and quality required by, and are produced, handled, processed, and transported in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the department, the State Sanitary Code, and the laws of this State with relation thereto.

Terms Used In New Jersey Statutes 24:10-57.6

  • State: extends to and includes any State, territory or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia and the Canal Zone. See New Jersey Statutes 1:1-2

      (b) That no unapproved milk or fluid milk products are allowed to enter a milk plant from which milk or fluid milk products are distributed, sold or held for sale in this State.

      (c) That laboratory and field inspection services satisfactory to the department are utilized by the milk plant or bulk milk hauler as the case may be.

      L.1964, c. 62, s. 6.